Domain Registration & Renewal

build and host your new website, you’ll need to have a domain for your association. Don’t yet have one? We’ll gladly register one for you.

Registration options. CondoSites will register your domain name for you and its registration and renewal costs are included with your monthly hosting and service fee. This way, you don’t have to worry about renewal and administrative tasks. Should you ever cancel with us, you are welcome to keep your domain.

Have a domain name already? You can either retain control of it through your existing domain provider (a.k.a. domain registrar) and continue to pay for it yourself; or you can transfer the domain to us with our written assurance that we’ll transfer the domain name back to you, subject to ICANN rules and restrictions, whenever you want at cost (if there are transfer fees).

Additional domain names. If you’d like to own other domain names-for example, the same domain name with a different extension (e.g., .net, .org), CondoSites can register and maintain those for you, as well, and point them to your website if you wish, at cost plus a $10 per domain setup fee.


SSL Encryption

All areas – from back-end interfaces, to the end-user experience – is secured with industry standard SSL encryption on your community’s domain.



ensures that your entire website (documents, photos, databases, archives, and the most recent version of all your dynamic content) is backed up every 48-hours by our Web host in Los Angeles. For added protection, we backup up your data in our office, prior to deploying upgrades.


Custom Home Page Design

will customize the home page of your new website to give it the unique look and feel of your community. Just send us your logo and a small selection of photos. We’ll incorporate them into a “skin” which will be used throughout the site, as well as on your home page.

Don’t have photos of your community? If you don’t have digital images of your community, or if you’d rather not include actual photos of your property, we can acquire stock photographs for you to give your site an attractive look without delaying launch. Ask us for more details.

Want a more stylized look? For an additional fee, if you don’t want to use stock photography or actual photos of your property, we’ll gladly create an attractive, graphic look for your Website that reflects an interesting aspect of your surroundings. We can use elements of most any photo (such as flowers, trees, or mountain peaks) to create unique graphic art and artistic accents.


Content Management Training

content management system is refreshingly simple and intuitive to use. We’ll acquaint you with it through a short series of orientation videos and follow up with one-on-one phone and web-conference sessions, which usually requires no more than 30 to 60 minutes. After you start using it, if you have any questions, just call us. We’re always glad to help.


Launch Announcement

If this is your first association website, we recommend that you distribute or mail to your community printed announcements featuring the site’s URL. We’ll gladly help by customizing an announcement for you in a choice of formats. We’ll then convert the announcement into a PDF and email it to you so you can handle the printing on your end. If you need help with printing, we will gladly refer you to one of our trusted partners.


Unlimited Telephone Support

provides each of our customers (the designated community liaison, usually the website administrator) with unlimited telephone support. We love hearing from you and will give you all the time you need for training, follow-up questions, or special requests at no extra charge.


Unlimited Email Support

provides each of our customers (the designated community liaison, usually the website administrator) with unlimited email support. Write to us as often as you like with your questions, requests, comments or information. There’s never a charge, and we’ll always get back to you promptly.






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