Domain Registration & Renewal

In order for CondoSites to build and host your new website, you’ll need to have a domain for your association. Don’t yet have one? We’ll gladly register one for you.

Registration options. CondoSites will register your domain name for you and its registration and renewal costs are included with your monthly hosting and service fee. This way, you don’t have to worry about renewal and administrative tasks. Should you ever cancel with us, you are welcome to keep your domain.

Have a domain name already? You can either retain control of it through your existing domain provider (a.k.a. domain registrar) and continue to pay for it yourself; or you can transfer the domain to us with our written assurance that we’ll transfer the domain name back to you, subject to ICANN rules and restrictions, whenever you want at cost (if there are transfer fees).

Additional domain names. If you’d like to own other domain names-for example, the same domain name with a different extension (e.g., .net, .org), CondoSites can register and maintain those for you, as well, and point them to your website if you wish, at cost plus a $10 per domain setup fee.

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