Website Features

Mobile Friendly / Responsive Design

Our websites look beautiful and are fully functional on a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Through Responsive Design the layout of the website adapts to the size of the user’s screen automatically.


One-Click Hub Navigation

CondoSites leads the industry in easy website navigation. With our unique, two-page layout, once users login to the site, they are always just a click away from any new or current information they wish to view.

Our secret? Lightbox2 technology. Just click on any link: a window opens, displaying the content you want. Click it shut and the window disappears, leaving you right where you were with ready access to everything.

Our customers love this feature. Especially if you have older or less tech-savvy residents, your community will love it, too. No matter what you’re looking at, you can get back to the main page with just one simple click.


Unlimited Folders

Want to add folders not already pre-loaded onto your site–perhaps a “Welcome Wagon” folder to which can contain information and suggestions about the community for newcomers? You can create additional folders for any purpose, any time you want, at no extra charge.


Unlimited Document Uploads

Planning to provide users with a wealth of information? CondoSites allows you to upload and store as many documents as you want in any format: Microsoft Word and Excel, Adobe PDF, JPEG, MP3, and more.

Depending on your type of community, you may want include information such as pool rules, emergency evacuation plans, or the menus of local restaurants. We suggest you keep the size of documents you upload as small as possible for fast, easy downloading by your users. We’ll help you with any that may be larger.


Control of Content Management Permissions

CondoSites enables website administrators to upload, edit, change, or delete virtually all of the community’s website content through a series of control panels. Certain groups, such as board members, committees, or property staff members, can be granted limited or complete access to some of the control panels, as well.

With limited access, an authorized user can add or upload content within a particular control panel. This option works well when, for example, a board member uploads a document that needs to be approved or edited by the rest of the board before it can “go live.”

With full access, an authorized group can publish, as well as upload, edit or change content, within any of the control panels they’ve been granted permission to use. Many communities use this option to give concierge staff full access to the Package Log & Notification control panel, as well as to other control panels that are related to their job duties.


Control of Viewer Permissions

Your website administrator can control the types of content members can view by associating a role (homeowner, renter, or realtor) with their login profile.

The viewing of community information, for example, can be restricted to residents, while meeting minutes and newsletters can be made viewable to realtors (as required in some states), as well as to residents.


Discussion Forums

Communities can enable members to create and access online groups and discussion forums, for the use of social clubs, for instance.

Just let us know what you need and we’ll gladly add a link to your preferred discussion forum provider.


Group-Prioritized Content Display

CondoSites is committed to making our websites as user-friendly as possible. For this reason, we add an extra benefit to viewer permission control: the convenience of prioritized content display.

When realtors login to one of our community websites, for example, among the first things they see at the top of the content navigation column are links to recent meeting minutes, newsletters, and a section dedicated to floor plans. Why? These are the items realtors most frequently view.

When homeowners login to one of our sites, floor plans would not be displayed as prominently. In our experience, residents very seldom have any reason to view them.

We apply the same logic to the content navigation column for each user group, always placing the more frequently viewed items at the top, the least viewed items at the bottom, or not at all.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. With this feature, you can see how often your association site is being logged into, how many unique visitors are logging on from what city, how frequently each page is being viewed, how long visitors stay on a particular page or on the site, and more.

This information is particularly helpful for determining the usefulness of existing content and getting ideas for desirable new content.


RSS Feeds

With this feature, users can opt to view updates to the association website – e.g., news items, announcements, scheduled events, new or updated document postings, and more-on their RSS client. It mitigates the need to visit the community website on a frequent basis to learn what’s new.

Note: many types of RSS clients (the media through which RSS feeds can be viewed) are available on Web browsers, mobile devices, websites, and specialty client applications and they’re all free.



CondoSites will preload your website with frequently-used eforms. Members can use them to reserve a facility room, request maintenance, report a violation, make a suggestion, grant someone permission to enter their unit, submit parking-related requests, and more.

Unlike other systems that funnel all forms into a central database first, these forms are emailed directly to their intended recipient, as pre-designated by the administrator; and the recipient responds directly to the sender.

Need a form that isn’t already listed? Just let us know what you need and we’ll create and upload the form for you.


Personal Profile Pages

Members will be able to securely submit and update their personal information profiles on the community website.

Profile form fields include standard contact information: e.g., name, unit number, phone numbers, email address, emergency contacts, and password, among others.

Each profile page is password-protected (viewable only to the resident and the administrator), and is used only for administrative and emergency purposes, not for community communications and never for marketing purposes.


Property Management Accounting Integration

If your property management company utilizes Web-enabled accounting software, it can be linked to your CondoSites community website. Ask us for more information.


Local Links

Prior to your launch, CondoSites will confer with you to determine which commonly-used local links you would like to include on your website. These usually include links to your local utility companies, newspaper, Internet and cable TV provider, government agencies, and so on.

Once you provide us with your list, we’ll obtain as many appropriate logos as possible and place them next to the corresponding listing. We’ll also test the hyperlinks to ensure they all work properly.


Additional External Links

We’ll gladly add any additional external links you’d like to include on your website. A popular option, for instance, is a link to Google Groups for the use of board members. Others you might consider: links to local movie theaters or neighborhood association websites.


Member Profiles

Every member of the community will create a profile to access the site. That profile will contain contact data (name, address, phone, email, etc.) that enables you to take full advantage of the website’s features and functions. For example:

  • By assigning each website user to a particular group (owner, renter, realtor), the administrator can control which modules and folders they can view upon login.
  • By having each website user’s personal information in the database, the administrator can ensure that any form they use (for maintenance requests, violation reports, facility rental requests, etc.) will automatically fill in their personal information as needed.

Rest assured, CondoSites only collects the most basic of user information to assist you and the user in receiving service from the site.


Password Protection

CondoSites’ unique two-page layout is designed to keep your website content private and secure. The Home Page, where most associations post basic, non-secure information about their community, is the only area accessible to the public. From there, members must login to gain access to the rest of the site.

With the login method, users must register to get a personal username and password. As they do, their basic personal information is stored on the website’s database, which then gives them access to the website’s database-connected functions and features.


Forgotten Password Recovery

CondoSites makes it easy for registered members to recover their forgotten username or password. They simply click on a link below the login fields on the Home page, enter their login email address, and click submit. The information is automatically sent to them by email.

Additionally, the administrator can help users with forgotten or obsolete login email addresses, and can always reset passwords manually and contact users with the new information.


Board Member Only Features

Your association’s board and committee members can share confidential documents, help create a vendor directory, schedule events, add and edit the Newsboard, and more.

Additionally, by having us install Google Groups on your Website, board and committee members can create any number of private message boards. They’re ideal for conducting online discussions or documenting association matters without the need for live, in-person meetings – perfect for your off-site board members.


Add to My Calendar

CondoSites provides links that enable users to download any event to their Google, Outlook, iCal, Yahoo! or other calendar that accepts the industry standard iCal format. They can download documents connected to event postings, and use the email link to send an event-related message to the administrator or other assigned member.




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